Canary Breeding Season Problems

gibosso from turkey
    1. Not ready to Pair the Canaries

Some cases decreases the pairing feeling of Canaries;

Mistaka end imperfect feeding

Not enough air conditions

Too fat canaries

If canary has health problem

If canary moults the before the moulting season


If you want to know the correct cares about these, you can research the menus that are ‘’canary care’’ and ‘’Breeding’’


2. Canary Laying  Problem


The problem is seeing the young canaries by us often. How to assist a female canary deliver a stuck egg inside ? watch the following video for asist.


3. Plucking the Nestling Feathers


If you do not want to encounter with problem that plucking the nestling problem, You can use Versele Lega-No pick or similar brand feather equipments.


4. No Feeding Problems of Stock Canaries to Nestlings


Some stocks do not feet the nestlings. The problem commonly shows the big canaries that are crest, norwich, lancashire, AGI ( italian giant frill), etc. You should use the nurse canaries that is fife fancy canaries mostly.


5. Exiting Problem of Nestlings from Eggs


More calcium supplement and unsuitable moisture cause the this problem. Check the menü that is ‘’Canary Care-Moisture''

6. Canary Moulting Problem


If you don’t  want to encounter with moulting problem, check the menu that is ‘’Canary Care’’

7. Canary Mites / Feather Worms


If the stock hen can not brood on eggs and mother often gets up from the bird nest and you hear the voice in the cage room in the evening, you check the cages and birds. If the you see the mites, you have to use the ivermectines.

Mites cause the big problem in your breeding season. Therefore you must take measure about mites before breeding season.

Your using some mite medicines are vilmectine, ardap, baymec, frontline spray.