Canary Breeding Season

Finally, we will breed the nestlings with this process.

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Choosing Bird Nest and Nest Equipments


While we choose the bird nest, we should choose the suitable bird nest which is according to our canary species. We need to use the smaller bird nest for some species while we need to use the wider bird nests for some species. In my opinion, you can use more wide bird nest because if your birds have 3 or more nestlings, nestlings can suffer in narrow bird nest.

Birds prepare to nest by using some equipments which are felt, nest ropes, cotton and we can add the other materials which are coconut fibers, newspaper pieces, etc. according to preferances, breeders do not prefer to use the felt in europe region. But breeders commonly prefer to use the felt in Turkey. There is not a standard the choosing bird nest and bird nest equipments. Therefore, we should choose according to the some criterias which are cleanable, hygiene, suitable of our canary species.


Disinfecting of Bird Nest


We had better disinfect the bird nest and other equipments before we put the nest equipments into cage. Goal of the disinfection avoids from mites. If there are mites in breeding season, we can not breed nestling. There are a lot of brand about mites and other pests. I am adding some medicine brands but you must know how you use the these medicines. Using mistake of these medicines can cause to deaths.  Some disinfection medicine; Blotic, Vilmectine, Moxidectine, Baymec, Frontline, Quiko Bactazol,  all ivermectins, etc. please get information from professional veterinaries about using its.


Collecting Eggs


Our stock birds commonly lay eggs every morning at between 5 and 9 o’clock. We collect the these eggs every morning and put the a fake eggs instead of a real eggs every morning at 8-9 o’clock until third day. In fourth day, we get the all of fake eggs and than we put the all of real eggs into bird nest.

Nestlings hatch same day by using the this method and nestlings grow together more healthy. If there is a birthday difference between nestlings, last birth nestling can not grow enough.

We have not collect eggs after 9:30 o’clock. If the this time past, we can put the waiting eggs into the bird nest and than we should not collect the next eggs from bird nest.


Canary Eggs Control

Our goal with this method are able to notice to empty eggs. If we can notice, birds do not lay on egss during 14 days.

We check the eggs the 6th days so that we understand the eggs which is empty or not. You should be in dark area to check the eggs and use the torch.

When we brighten to eggs with torch in dark area;

·         If we see the blood vessel into the eggs, these eggs are fertilized

·         If we do not see the blood vessel into the eggs, these eggs are empty.

If all eggs are empty, we must take the these eggs and than we should take the bird nest from cage and than we put the new bird nest and equipments.

If eggs are fertilized, wait until 14th day.

So we can put an empty one egg together with the eggs which are fertilized. The one empty egg called as cushion which avoid to crushing of nestling. When the nestlings are 10 days old, we can get the this empty egg.

If you want to watch the video about '' how to check the canary eggs for fertility '', watch the following video.


Hatching of Nestlings

Nestlings hatch in 14th day.

First day of nestlings, we put a slice of apple and canary baby food into the cage. Click the canary baby food

You can put a small amount of fresh vegetables into cage. If you give the vegetables more to birds, birds can runs. First or second day, we had better give the probiotic to water container of cage and than change the water of cage after one day.

These process continues until 30th day. If you see the eating of nestling by itself, you can put the nestlings to other cage.


Wear Bracelet to Nestlings

The bracelet is worn by us to nestlings the 6th or 7th day according to growing nestling. If you want to join to competitions with canary group, bracelet must worn by us to same foot of nestlings.

You had better check the bracelets day which is after wearing day of bracelet because father or mother can remove the bracelets from foods of nestlings. Or bracelets can fall.


Putting a New Bird Nest to Cage

14th Day in after hatching of nestlings, we get the bird nest which includes nestling and than put to opposite side into the same cage. We put the new bird nest and equipments  instead of old bird nest which is in some cage and difference side.

After the this process, mother will start to knit a new bird nest. In the end of new bird nest knitting process, you can return to the header of this article.

Breeding process always continues until end of breeding season.