Preparation to Breeding Season

The good breeading season starts with the a good preparation process which is the from past breeding season to next breeding season. If we do not care the this process, we do not expect to start the a good breeding season. Preparation to breeding season starts with end of moulting season and ends with breeding season.

fife fancy canary

The first step of preparation to breeding season is choosen the quality stock canaries and some issues are cared by us. These issues;

a.       The good stock canaries do not mean that expensive birds, it means that the quality and high standart birds. Therefore we had better choose the valuable canaries which have standards of its species. Research the canary species standars page which is in menu or click here

b.      You had better choose the healthy birds. Well, how can we distinguish the healthy canaries from others ? to see the this subject, click here


You can research the Canary Care headers which is in menu bar for moulting period and after periods. If you want , click here. The all of these headers are necessary for a good breeding season.

Cocks and hens are put into different cages until March. After March, If our canary pairs willing to pairing, we can put the canary pairs into same cages. After 3 days, we can put into the cage the nest equipments.

How can we understand to be willing to our birds pairing ?

  1. Cocks sing out loud
  2. Hens sing to coks with short tunes
  3. Birds spread the wings on roost
  4. Hens want to nest with ropes and papers
  5. Genitals of cocks grows up
  6. Genitals of hens  swells

If you are new breeder and you do not have experince enough about breeding , the last three items can confuse you. Therefore you can check the first three items.

Before we start the breeding, the following cares are done by us to birds;

a. Claw Care; if claws are too long, cut it.

b. Beak Care; if beak is too long, cut it.

c. Mites Care; we use ivermectin which dies mites. Some ivermectines are vilmectine, ardap, baymec, frontline, etc.

d. Feather Care; if feather is too long on crested and genital areas, cut it.