Canary Feeding

If we can determine the correct and effective feeding program, feather qualiy and breeding of our birds can be more efficient. Feeding program change according to canary spicies, healt condition and season. We must give more oilseeds which are hemp seeds, niger seeds or other seeds if our canary is weak. An other hand, we must use canary seeds which have less oil than oher seeds if our canary is too fat.

An other important point about feeding program in season, Often we give to our canaries the more oil seeds in the winter months which is cold but less oil seeds in the summer months which is hot.  

Also in moulting season, we had better use oat which includes % 15,4 protein, % 6,3 oil, % 2 carbohydrate for birds and in addition we had better give to birds vegetables whic are lettuce, dandelion, purslane.


You can research seeds and nutritive values of seeds on this link if you click here


We must care shops where we buy seeds. These areas have too lot of animal species and we can bring mites or diseases together to our coop. Therefore we had better buy seeds or cage equipments from shops where do not have lot of animal species and have less quality brand of equipments.

We should check expriation date of seeds or orher foods which I have bought. So vegatebles are given to birds by us as fresh.

variegated gloster canary

Our birds conditon and health are affected by sudden changes of feeding rogram, therefore we had not better often change feeding program. So canaries can entry moilting with sudden chinging feeding program. We should obtain information which is our buying new bird about feeding when we buy new bird.

An other attention point, we careful the kind  of canary which we feed. If we feed the sing bird which is harzroller, malinois, these species are given the turnip seed by us about % 30 of total seeds. Thus sing birds sing more quality.

Other neccassary equipment is bird sand for cages. Some people do not care and use bird sand but bird sand is very important for our birds. Canary  collect canary sands in gizzard and grind seeds by using sand. If canaries can not grind seeds by using bird sand, our canaries get ill. There is prepared bird sands which includes several kind of minerals and sands. We can enrich sand which we have bought by adding  other minerals, such as bird coal or bird clay. Do not forget birds can eat a lot of things in nature but birds can not eat requirement things in cage, therefore birds sand must include a rich content for our birds healt.

Other neccassary equipment is squid bone. Squid bone increases percantage of calcium in birds. Calcium is very important element for growing and breeding of birds. Cancium deficiency causes breeding problems which are small bird eggs, week eggshell, etc.

Water containers must cleared everday and refreshed with fresh water by us. No fresh water causes bird disaeses because if water does not fresh in water container, count of germ increases day by day.

Our using other neccassary tihngs are vitamins and probiotics which there are in shop. Probiotics increases the beneficial bacterias for bird digestive system and health of our canary affects positive by using probiotics.

Last important point for feeding canary is a sentence which is forgotten by us ;

More than usual using of something  demages , we must use as required.