Bird Egg Food Recipe

Doing a lot kind of Food is responsible for birds at home. I am giving a food recipe which includes eggs. But dont forget, the best bird food which you give to your birds is it which birds like. We can make to use boiled egg yolk and baby biscuit or we can add other food ingredients into it.


So, there are prepared food which is produced by professional brands. If your birds do not eat these prepared foods, into prepared foods can added carrot, broccoli or apple by your.


What often should we give bird food to our birds;

  • Twice a week in moulting season
  • Once a week From moulting season to breeding season . (between February and September)
  • Every day in breeding season  (February and after)
  • Every day if there is a nestling in cage.
  • If full grown canaries brood on eggs, don’t give in cage along 14 days

Once a week means a soup spoon for one bird in a week.

Materials for canary eggs food;

  1. Hemp seeds - 300 gram
  2. Baby Biscuit – half a pack (115 gram)
  3. locust bean flour – a soup spoon
  4. Coconut powder – a dessert spoon
  5. Niger - a soup spoon
  6. Walnut - 50 gram
  7. Chestnut- 50 gram
  8. Probiotic
  9. Sprulina
  10. Poppy seed