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Birds Salt Needs and Benefit of Salt

Salt is indispensable source in life of all living things. Salt includes sodium chloride which adjust the fluid balanca of the living. The fluid balance is researched by us under two headings;

a.       The amount of absorbed water without salt

b.      The amount of salt absorbed

If we want to be this balance, we put water and salt block into our cages. Therefore our birds can get the salt needs. Salt block is natural and we should not use the table salt.

If our birds salt needs are more , canaries can interest with salt block more than usually when we put salt block first. We offer to use the salt block, because if we use powdered salt, we can not adjust value which birds eat. But we use salt block, canaries do not eat the excess salt. Usage salt more than usually causes the health problem

Lot of breeders argued that we used bird sands and minerals in our cages and our birds did not need the salt. But these sands and minerals do not include salt.

Lack of Salt

If there is lack of salt, our birds want to drink water more than enough and consequently canaries sick. Symptomatologies are weak body day by day, feathers keep on starting to soften, slowdown in breeding, musculature adversely affected.







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