The Germianation of Seeds

Germinated seeds include nutriteve value five times more and reach with regard to A, D and E vitamins. Germinated seeds are soft and birds can eat easly. Therefore birds can eat easy seeds whicj birds can not eat easly normally.


Germinated seeds include E vitamin, therefore we can use it in breeding season to bred nestling. According to an opinion, birds eat germinated seed on Spring in natural environment, therefore we can think there are relationship between germinated seeds and breeding season.


We can use niger seeds, turnip seeds, safflower seeds, wheat seeds to germinate seed


So we can make test which we have bought birdseed. If %80 of our buying birdseed germinate, our birdseed is fresh.

If the seeds germinate less, these germinated seeds are more beneficial. We had better give to birds generated seeds which is 1-2 centimeter


While we are doin the germinated seeds, bacteries can breed into the germinated seeds. This conditions are very dangerous for birds and our birds can die with harmfull bacteries. Therefore we must use a disinfectant to die bacteries. If you have not a disinfectant, you can use the apple vinegar.


Steps of Germinated Seeds;


- Clear sedds. 

- put seeds into box which filled with water for  12-24 hours in room

- disinfect germinated seeds with water

- put againt into a box as wet and then put a wet cloth on seeds, wait for 12-24 hours

- disinfect germinated seeds with disinfectant or apple vinegar