Canary Protein, Canary Aminoacid, Canary Vitamin

Canary breeders got used to use bird protein, aminoacid and vitamin additives but usually they do not know about usage and purpose of it. Therefore some breeders add overdose additive to canary foods. Overdose additive cause the health problems, we should forget this rule which is ‘’ something surplus is harmful’’


Proteins affet to growing  the feahers, necks, beak and metabolism of canary body. Such as, %85 of feathers are protein. The moulting, breeding and nest seasons are given the protein by us to canaries.


Some proteins occur from aminoacids which are occured by bird metabolism. But some aminoacids can not occured by bird metabolism and there are these aminoasids in foods. Lysine, metiyonin, sistein, arginin, triptofan, histidin, fenlalanin, treonin, valin, gilisin are necassary for healthy growing  of canaries and foods have been included the these aminoacids. Birds metabolism process into aminoacids to protein and proteins affect the birds organ growing. Proteins are not stored by bird body and birds eat foods which includes proteins.


Protein volume of foods is different from each other. Therefore we use suitable food mixed to satisfy aminoacid’s need.


Birds need aminoacids to occur bird’s eggs and sperm. Therefore we had better use bird foods which include the protein in breeding season. Suprilina is a natural protein source if you want to use.

If protein is less than normal values, we can encounter with below problems;

  • Weak feather growing
  • Weak body growing
  • Small canary eggs
  • Lack of melanin pigment on black feather
  • Decrease in breeding quality
  • Occur dark and horizontal lines on feathers

In digestion process of aminoacid, body produces the uric acid. Uric acid is thrown out by bird body with pee. But if we use protein more than enough, birds can not throw out the uric acid and exessive uric acid collects in body joint. As a result, our birds can get ill which is gout. Therefore protein is harmfull if we use more than enough.


Vitamins are very important for bird’s metobolism. Vitamin which does not include energy affects biochemical process. Such as, D vitamin is necessary for absorption of calcium and iron. D vitamin affects the eggs and it is necessary for eggs but more than D vitamin couses the calcification of bird organs. So, vitamins are very important for immune system. While A vitamin affects to seeing, E vitamin is an important antioxidant which exterminates the harmful substances.


Vitamins are divided into two;

a.       Soluble in oil

b.      Not soluble in oil

A, D, E and K vitamins are soluble in oil and these vitamins can throw easly from canary body.


You had better use the aminoacids and vitamins which are sold by profesional brand in shops.