Difference Between Intensive and Schimmel Feather

Some canary breeders ingore the feather types which is intensive and schimmel. intensive feather called as hard feather and schimmel feather called as soft or buff feather. But this knowladge is very important point of canary breeding. Because mistake or unsuitable pairing of feathers causes health problem which is feather problem and tumor. Therefore canary feathers are paired by us as correct to reduce health problems.

Well! we must know the answer of a question; how can we pair feathers ? it is very easy ;)

we can reseach the feathers type under two groups. Intensive feathers and hard (schimmel) feathers

a. Intensive Feather ( Hard Feather )


intensive feather canary


 b. Non intensive Feather  ( Schimmel Feather or Soft Feather )


non intensive feather canary

c. Intensive ve Schimmel Feathers as Classified

intensive featherintensive hard featherhard feather



soft feather canaryschimmel canary feathercanary schimmel soft feather

   bird Schimmel soft Feather

Schimmel feather appears frosted feather or powdered feathers.


Intensive color pigments appear the top of feather and these pigments color the top of feather. The feather colors are intensive on top of feateher and top of feather is dark. If you research the intensive picture which is above, you can not see white area on top of feather. So intensive feather norrows towords to top of feather.

Color pigments disperse homogeneously on feather and color is not dark on top of feather. Other characteristic criteria of schimmel feathers is top of feather which does not norrow.

We should not pair the intensive birds with each other because as result of this pairing, lerhal factor occurs. If you pair intensive canaries with each orher, %25 of nestling is intensive and %50 of nestling schimmel and %25 of nestling dies.

Intensive factor is dominant in crested canaries and white canaries. 

We had better pair the opposite feather types which are intensive and sichimmel feathers. As result of this pairing, %50 of nestlings has intensive feather and %50 of nestlings has schimmel feather.


You can research the detail of feather types the following;


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Intensive Feathers  Number ; 1-2-5-6-7-8-9-11-12

Schimmel Feathers Number  ; 3-4-10

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